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I hate white men and Asian women.

I’m biracial, my dad is white and my mom is Chinese from Hongkong. I had a twin brother who committed suicide at the age of 17. Growing up, I was treated better by everyone because I look very white, while my brother was treated worse just because he looks more Asian. My mom and her family used to praise and took pictures with me a lot, but they ignored my twin brother. On several occasion, my dad made fun of my brother’s Asian features, telling him to open his eyes, fake an Asian accent, etc. I thought it was funny at that time, but it hurts my brother’s confidence, he became insecure.

My brother was a genius. He taught himself Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish, and he spoke Cantonese with our mom. He was a talented pianist, honors student and used to play in the basketball team. He used to volunteer at a local church too. He worked far harder than me, maybe because he was treated like shit by our parents and wanted to prove himself to them. He could have become a very accomplished musician if he was still alive.

One day, my brother wanted to ask out his crush who was an Asian girl. He came back home crying. The Asian girl told my brother that she doesn’t date Asian guy. He had an identity crisis, because he was half white but people only see him as a full Asian guy. I felt bad for him. I dated many girls and even lost my virginity in high school, but my brother was single his whole life. He deserves better life than I do, I was a lazy student and used to skip classes. He treats women with respect, but I was a jerk.

When he committed a suicide, I didn’t talk to my parents for a month. My parents got divorced and I lived with my uncle until I graduated from high school. My dad is now married to another Asian girl from the Philippines and she’s younger than me. I attended his wedding and it was an abomination.

I just hate it whenever I see a white guy with an Asian woman. It reminds me of my family.

Once again, Asian women and White male terrorists secretly hope that their children will not look Asian; they hope that their children look white, and “Hapa beauty” is by and large an excuse to marry more powerful or “desirable” white men.

Combine this with the inherent racism of White males and their Asian lovers, Half Asian sons are high risk.