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“I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” is the new “I’m not racist, my best friend is black.”


It is fairly typical for White men who are interested in Asian women to be racist against Asian men; after all, racist white men like Asian women because Asian women like whiteness and white men. White men that feel wronged by modern social justice oftentimes go for Asian women, to feel big and in control, and make a mockery of Asian men, their natural competition.

Secure, happy, well adjusted White men do not go for Asian women. Period

The problem? They all have half-Asian sons, most of whom look very, very Asian.

So what kind of demographic will these people create?

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‘I didn’t mean it, my wife is Asian’: ESPN anchor suspended for ‘Chink in the armor’ gaffe defends himself on Twitter

  • ‘Not done with racial context,’ claims Max Bretos
  • ESPN writer Anthony Federico apologises after being fired over using the phrase in a headline
  • New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin said he doesn’t think the comments were made maliciously

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