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Henry T Robertson 

On a serious note, has there been any studies done on gender ratios of the offspring of interracial marriages?  It seems that 60% or more of Eurasians I have met to date were female, and I’m wondering if there is in fact a biochemical reason for this.  Or is it that for whatever reasons Eurasian males are more difficult to notice? A net-friend named Linda Absher talked about this when I met her for lunch.

A response:

It is perhaps worthwhile pointing out that Bauer, Fischer and Lenz “Menschliche Erblichkeitslehre” (Munich, 1927) [Human Heredity, trans. E. &C. Paul, 1931] discussed the deficiencies of such unions fifty years ago:

“The half-caste or Eurasian offspring of unions between Europeans and Mongols in the Far East are described as being light-minded and happy-go-lucky.  Here, once more, it is chiefly the light-minded individuals of both the racial grops who enter into such unions and procreate half-breeds…resulting in a inferior type mentally and morally”. (pg. 691)

Which is why, presumably, they (and their parents) can’t agree on breakfast, and don’t mind the surgery.

There is some evidence that Asian women have offspring sex ratios rather more biased to female than European women; it is supposed that this is a maternal effect, that is, independent of race of sire.  W.H.James has put several reviews on regulation of human sex ratio in J. Theor. Biol. over the last few years.  The effect, if it exists, is small and would not account for an impression of 60% Eurasian females.  The effect of historical patterns of female-biased infanticide (common in Asia) upon the evolution of primary sex ratio, is discussed by Magnus Nordborg and M. Feldman in two recent papers in the same journal and, I think, J. Pop.

Armand Leroi