Andrew Anglin, founder of the DailyStormer, attacked Derrick Watson in this article, the son of a White man and an Asian woman, as being a “gook judge” with a “pure Mongolian phenotype.”

The title of the article is “Hawaiian Gook Judge Blocks Trump’s New Moslem Ban, Inviting Terrorist Swarm” – published on March 16th, 2017. It is archived here.

Anglin is also a former “sexpat” that previously admitted his love of Asian women, proving that like Asian women, and being a white supremacist who cannot tell the difference between half-Asian sons, and full Asian men, are not mutually exclusive.

The ADL stated that Anglin had relationships, Anglin lived for a while in Asia and the Philippines. He reportedly had relationships with Asian and Filipino women

Original archived post on the DailyStormer (a large, possibly the largest Neo Nazi website) where Anglin stated that Asian women were the key to reestablishing white male supremacy and its natural order.


“Men who marry Asian women are attempting to re-establish a natural dynamic – to re-establish order.  They are not the problem.  Women are the problem.”

Anglin’s admission of being a former “sexpat” in the Philippines can be found here, on

Anglin represents, in extreme form, the type of white male that goes for Asian women as being representative of “pro-whiteness,” yet cannot tell the difference between full Asian and half Asian men – including their own sons.