Chateau Heartiste, a well known white-nationalist, alt-right, racist men’s right activist – recently published an article describing his exploits with Asian women.

The archived article, titled “Asians and the Anus, can be seen here, and is rife with racial puns, slurs and other description of Asian women that naturally, as a white supremacist, he finds himself sleeping with.

Chateau Heartiste is described by many media outlets as being “Nazified,” and a “white supremacist.” Proof of this is seen here, in his article called “Make White women deferential again.” Here, in his article, he discusses the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy. Heartiste is also fond of calling white women who date black men, “mudsharks.”

In the article “Asians and the Anus,” white supremacist Heartiste describes his penchant for Asian women.

This is a grosspost. If you don’t want to read it, feel free to sashay over to gay bodybuilding forum MPC, where they’re just as gross but pretend to be offended by it.
Every Asian girl with whom I’ve lain (small sample set, tbh) has stuck a finger up my ass during a blowjob, or tried to. Talk about HELLO KITTY. One waifu rooted around down there like a tunnel rat in the ‘Nam jungle.
Wassupwitdat? Anyone else notice that Asian girls have an odd fascination with the male anus (manus) as a portal to mutual pleasure? Or so they envision it. Personally, I was not a fan. One Chinese-American girl looked genuinely crestfallen (as best one can discern emotion on an Asian’s face) when I recoiled and retracted from her probings with Kegelian thrusters set to escape velocity.
I wonder too if this is a fetish peculiar to Asian chicks as an group…or only to Asian chicks making sweet rove to the White Man. What’s the Asian equivalent of a mudshark? Chaddragon? Paleface pirate? Crackerjacker? Ivory poacher? Milk mugger? Frosted Flip? Bang wan wang? Bleached Lee? Fat Man and Little Koi? Ghost in the vajeen? Occiwench? Wog-eater? Epicanthicc? Ah, I see that the slang for it is Potato Queen. Meh.
Anyhow, maybe Asian girls always feel like they’re batting out of their league with White men, and presumably are compelled by the perceived SMV imbalance to extracarnally impress White men with that attention to physiologic detail only an Asian can grind out when the hind’s out.
Or Asian girls are magnetically drawn in by the anus region with a force matched only by gay homosexuals. Any Asians out there in the CH reading audience, man or woman, who can add their nuance to this…fissuring topic?