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Another winning post from pre-/r/Hapas, where a hapa male overtly criticized WMAW couples.

Describing the Simpson’s episode where the Comic Book guy (a massive loser on the show) married an Asian woman.

Basically Comic book guy marries an attractive Japanese manga artist.
So the fattest, laziest, most asshole citizen in Springfield discovers his Japanese fetish and comic book fetish rolled into one. And not only that, but this “perfect” Japanese girl is into this disgusting excuse for a person. He’s meaner to Bart than Sideshow Bob. He dated the grandmother in the show, seymour’s mother. He has a genius IQ and spends his time doing the bare minimum to keep his shop from going out of business.
Yet the writers of the Simpsons thought it valid to throw another Japanese character under the bus in order to appease this ridiculous fetish scenario.
I get it… In general, a lot of Japanese girls like American/European guys. That makes it easier for Caucasian guys to approach Japanese girls. So the nerds and losers and timid guys of this world end up fetishizing Asian girls as smart and submissive and willing to date nerds. But that doesn’t mean we need this drivel to be on the air furthering the stereotype.
It’s hard enough for Asian guys to play the part of prince charming without having to compete with even the laziest, most asshole, white guys. I blame Disney princesses (Li Shang in Mulan is not a prince charming – he’s a complete asshole that gets saved by Mulan) and garbage like this for promoting this image in the minds of white nerds. It’s really annoying how these submissive and doting asian wife stereotypes are completely ignored as not racism, simply because Asian people idealize that in their own media.
I also wanted to add that I’m half Japanese and grew up in Japan, but look very much white, and I’m the product of a relationship like this. Seen first hand what a timid and successful father marrying a strong willed and not submissive Japanese mother is like. I’m not complaining without some background knowledge.