Scott Roberts is a White Nationalist and “pro-white” activist whose wife “happens to also be Asian.” Further proof that the societally maladjusted young White men who feel wronged by society, white women, feminism, multiculturalism and at the economy, and are unable to compete in the modern world oftentimes see Asian women as an outlet for their sexuality and masculinity.

Seems unusual that so many (43, to date) White Nationalists have Asian partners and wives, including my own father.

A quote by EurasianTiger – a well known Redditor and moderator of the /r/Hapas subreddit, describes it in the following passage.

White men sometimes – oftentimes – marry Asian women because they are emotionally disturbed, insecure and feel entitled to sex and White women, but go for Asian women because the only women that will take them are the women who still suffer from lingering, four-hundred-year-old social influence that prioritizes Whiteness.

These men, being very insecure with their low status in society, are also prone to embracing extremist politics; since extremist politics and low status are unappealing to many women, many low status, racist white men ironically have to resort to Asian women as an affirmation of the superiority of Whiteness.

These women are unable to see that the men that deliberately chase Asian women have tendencies towards anti-social neuroticism, hardcore racism driven by insecurity, and conservative politics, yet are still able to maximize on their whiteness with Asian women.

When the Asian woman inevitably fails to match up with the cultural expectations of a demure, quiet woman, the man will oftentimes snap, and since the Asian women failed to truly earn respect – as a loser will always know that a loser’s wife, is a loser’s wife – he will never treat her seriously, and oftentimes resort to violence against his Asian partner, hence endangering both the women and the children within these households.

The children of these pairings, inevitably, will be high risk, being raised by a White Supremacist male and the Asian woman whom he had taken advantage of, so naturally, many half Asian children suffer extreme despair and mental illnesses.

Stormfront discusses Roberts’ wife and children.

Some of the videos from Scott’s Youtube channel can be seen here.

According to a website called “WhiteReference” – Roberts used to own a website called “,” and is confirmed to have an Asian wife and children – frightening.