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A comment (written by a White woman named Clytemnestra) on an article written on American Renaissance (a White Nationalist magazine and website) – (the article itself, ironically by an Asian woman), features a sharp criticism against the large number of White men who regularly comment on a website devoted exclusively to White Supremacy – despite having Asian partners.

Why is this happening?

Well, the answer is quite simple: White men want to retain their white privilege, which White women are not willing to give them; Asian women are also desperate to obtain white privilege for their children in order to survive – so ironically, the women most willing to give a man “blue eyed, blonde haired children,” (or at least try to), are Asian women, not white women.

And you wonder why half-Asians who look Asian have problems.

The full comment is below:

There is what I refer to as The Men of Amren Paradox. A good number of them either marry, date (or want to) an Asian or Latina but want to keep all the benefits (whatever remain at least) as Whites for themselves and their Hapa and Castizo children. What to do? Oh, yeah, advocate, not only for tolerance but whole hearted acceptance of this behavior. Embrace it. The more, the merrier. Which ultimately defeats the purpose of a White majority society.

I understand. Before you became racially aware, you met, fell in love with, married and had children with a Non-White woman. Oops! But you need to man up and take the consequences, not do handstands to spread that racially feckless behavior on boards that advocate wanting to preserve the White race and culture.

Again, I am in favor or free association. If you are wired to find Asian women attractive, so be it, I accept it. But I’d prefer if you and your Asian bride and offspring move to Asia rather than talk everyone here into allowing the USA to turn Asian. Likewise there is all of Latin America for “interesting variations.”

Why is it too much to ask (even of other Whites) for Whites who do NOT want to mix out to have a homeland of their own without having to make exceptions for race mixers and their offspring?

On this subject:

At what point do you draw the line between White men who post (unknowingly to their wives) on AmRen.com, and Asian women who marry white men for white privilege? Where do you draw the line on who is a real white supremacist, and one who exists by proxy?

The opposite of this woman’s criticism should be true.

Rather than becoming “racially aware after marriage,” the reality is that these fathers should be WORKING AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACY, rather than SUPPORTING IT.