Damigo wrote a piece on Based stick man, slandered him for being “less than” for having a half Asian kid. Call me “Alt Lite Faggot” all you like but I for one have no quarrel with a white man choosing to have a kid with an Asian (of good stock) should be of no concern to anyone. Least of all the concerns of a “fashy goy”. I’m simply indifferent to an Asian of good stock and a white having a child through love. Has this punitive, policing of Based Stickman and his views been an attempt by Damigo to muddy the waters or is this just animal farm in action??

A very common trope among the Alt-right and White Nationalists, where marriage between Asians and Whites are “passable” as long as the woman is Asian, and the man, White – an insane hypocrisy that endangers the children, especially when a huge amount of White Nationalists and Alt-Rightists have Asian wives and partners.

In fact, the Alt-Right’s approval of White males / Asian females and disproval of Asian males / White females is merely a more extreme, concentrated version of the average amount of hate that WMAF couples have for AMWF couples.

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Of course. But in small cases “for love” I think its okay. I guess that makes me “Alt Lite” but I personally don’t have a problem with miscegenation in this case. Although white women should not be allowed to pro-create with Asians. We need to be like the Japanese and instill race realism in the young or convince the young adults such as myself.