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Want to know why the children of Asian men and White women are more successful?

The White men who like Asian women are uniformly racist – because Asian women are their last ditch effort to reaffirm their masculinity, and so most White men who like Asian women have a hyper concerted distaste for not only black men and White women, but Asian men and White women, and even Asian men and Asian women.

The reason for this is: due to their perceived disenfranchisement by society, White men will go for Asian women as a way to express the superiority of their whiteness, and since these men are deeply insecure and entitled, seeing the real prize, a White woman, with an Asian man who is beneath them – is jarring for them.

Most upstanding, handsome, charismatic men like seeing others succeed – so for a man who gets with an Asian woman, to hate on Asian men and white women, proves that the most insecure, hateful white men go to Asia.

Hence Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and an Asian woman, killed White women and Asian men – the two people his parents hated.