Asian women routinely harassing White women who date Asian men – including their own sons, Eurasian or otherwise, demonstrates their extreme, hypocritical jealousy, despite having an out marriage rate unmatched by any other race.

Why do Asian women – including Asian mothers in law, demonstrate such hostility towards White and non-Asian women?

In fact, has demonstrated time and time again, whenever there is harassment towards the partners of Asian sons, brothers, and husbands – it comes from Asian women. Why?

The answer is simple: Asian women – their entire personality – is built around the fact that they only appeal to those with fetishes. They will do anything and everything to integrate and avoid stigmatization for Asianness – including marry very unattractive white men.

So when confronted with an Asian male – one who should be beneath them – dating a White woman, or a non-Asian woman, a woman that is more beautiful than them – with a man – a man that they based their entire “worth” on – e.g., “at least I’m better than those lowly Asian males,” she will have a breakdown.