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A white male commenter on an article on the Shanghaiist (a website filled with White men in China, who are in relationships with Chinese women, and are all exceptionally racist) posted a “creep shot” of an Asian male / white female couple, despite having a Chinese girlfriend. 

He then accused Asian men and White women of being gold diggers, prostitutes, and a host of other insults.

The hatred of Asian men is almost a prerequisite for those white men who date Asian women, largely to remove their competition, and largely because the white men who like Asian women, are generally the most insecure, and go for Asian women as a way to “feel big for their whiteness,”  – it becomes easier for white men who feel as if their Asian partners are only a “replacement” for the white women they really wanted –  to hate on Asian men and White women. White women are the women that White men really wanted.

Elliot Rodger killed Asian men and White women, as well.