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It is fairly typical for White racist men to be particularly fond of Asian women, largely, because they feel that White women have “betrayed” white males – by going for black men (in particular).

Many white men attempt to use Asian-white mixes as “proof” that they are more successful, as white men, in raising superior children, as compared to the sons of black men and White women.

On Reddit, a woman posted a picture of her “ideal man,” a Hapa male with an Asian father and a white mother.

This was unknown to poster /u/ShitArchonXPR, a racist white male with a history of alt-right and hardcore posting.

He criticized /r/hapas, in which he stated that /r/hapas believes that the children of unattractive White men and Asian women does not lead to happy, good looking children. 


He then compared Half Asians with white fathers and Asian mothers – against “part Bantus”, saying that Half Asians are more attractive than “part Bantus”, as if to take a jab at the children of White women and black men.

Not only did this confirm his racism, but he proved /r/hapas right when /r/hapas states that the sons of Asian men and White women produce better children, than the reverse:

Racist, autistic, loser white men and Asian women.