Firm proof that White Nationalists seem to have a “favorite” non-white ethnicity of women, whom they turn a blind eye towards.

Having to choose between politics that are repugnant to most women – or being with women who will appreciate them for their blue eyes and blond hair – most white nationalist would take the latter.

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But Spencer’s evolution into a hardcore ethno-nationalist was perhaps not as seamless as he makes it seem. In late 2007, he dated a woman who is Asian American. The two met when she was working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

“I am not the only Asian girl he has dated,” says Spencer’s ex, who spoke to me on the condition that her name not be disclosed. She said she’d initially been turned off by his talk of race-based behavioral differences, but she eventually softened to the idea. They dated for four months, including a trip she took with him to Texas to attend his high school reunion. She says she eventually broke up with him, but not because he was too politically radical. “We all have inconsistencies,” she said. “Especially with love. How can you control your heart?”

A Hapa girl on Reddit had candid thoughts on Spencer.