Many Hapas come from White fathers that seek out Asian women as a response to white feminism, liberal values, and what they believe to be “anti-white racism.”

In fact, White men pursue Asian women due to the fact that Asian women “appreciate” unapologetic whiteness and everything that it involves, meaning that an inordinate amount of white fathers to Half Asian children, are in fact more racist on average, than a white male who seeks out White men.

In 2014, a Hapa posed a simple challenge: Are there any white men who “prefer” Asian women and aren’t over the top regressive racists, anti-feminists, or conservatives?

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A lot of you guys say that we at r/Hapas typecast all WMAF couples and thats not fair of us. I don’t want to have to believe that WMAF is as evil as I currently believe it to be. After all I was born of WMAF, and thinking I came from something so terrible doesn’t help my self-image.
But nothing has done more to confirm me in these views, than all the white guys coming in here trying to argue with us. Without fail every single one of you guys is one or all of these things. Racist, sexist, expat, anti-feminist, anti-Asian, anti-Black, Red Pill PUA, gamergater, MRA, MGTOW, rightwing. If there are WMAF white guys who support “equality” its the equality that women and colored people ALREADY have. You think that was all fixed in the 1960s, and the problem now is that heterosexual white males are being persecuted by SJWs. You guys are just hurting your own cause by posting at r/Hapas because you’re just proving all of our claims about you true for everyone to see. 
YOU are the problem. You are the reason that Half-Asian sons have just a hard time accepting their white dads. We feel that you are on the opposite side of the barricades. That when push comes to shove you will side with the white race over your own sons. Whats more important to you as a father? Fighting tooth and nail for the right of white men to make hateful, hurtful, insensitive comments about oppressed peoples or the happiness of your own flesh and blood Half-Asian son who will feel the sting of those barbs? It isn’t easy being Half-Asian in America. We get enough pain from the outside, we don’t need our own white dads to join in it, in the name of battling political correctness.
But I WANT to be proven wrong. I’m depressed by how bad the WMAFs on r/Hapas have been. I’d like to see some WMAFs who are not racist and sexist. And no calling for Asian women to stand up to Asian men, while saying western women already have it too good, does not make you a male feminist. Not that being a liberal, anti-racist, feminist white dad will ensure that your Eurasian sons never suffer from r/Hapas issues, they will still face the wider racism of white society. But the absolute very least you can do as a father is not add oil to the flames of hate that will consume your own fucking children.
You think colored men and white women complain to much about their problems and are too harsh on heterosexual white males? Your son will be a half-asian male, your daughter will be a half white woman. Those very people you have problems with, are going to be your offspring and genetic legacy.
I know there are probably more white guys lurking here than Hapas at this point. I know you’re here.
So this is my challenge to you. If you are a WMAF White guy who is not rightwing, racist, sexist post about it here. But don’t just make a new account to say it. All the white guys who are wingnuts have very long histories to back it up. Although they call us stalkers when we hold the accountable for it. At this point there have been hundreds of white males, defending WMAF against their own Eurasian sons, with LONG post histories attacking white women and colored peoples. Can we have just ONE WMAF white guy with a tolerant history on Reddit?
I want just one White guy dating an Asian woman, to show me old posts hes made defending the rights of colored men from racism and white western women from patriarchy. Come on there are so many posting here on the opposite side, there must be a few WMAF White guys who are on the same side of their children? Is WMAF just for rightwing white males; and if so what are the reasons behind it and the consequences for the children?
You want to prove r/Hapas wrong, break the stereotypes? This is your chance. I WANT you to prove r/Hapas wrong, you’ll make me feel a little better about myself. Because its depressing as fuck coming from a marriage as evil as Reddit has convinced me WMAF is.
Is it possible to not be racist and sexist and have Eurasian kids or is that a contradiction in terms?
And just for proof, you accuse us of being hostile and aggressive to any white male who posts here; but thats not true, we criticize you as individuals, for your hateful views, because every single one of you has lived up to the stereotypes. The THREE count them THREE white guys who treated us with respect, received respect in turn. Not one nasty comment against the white male OPs.
Three years later, on the largest Half Asian website to exist, the answer remained the same.
Liberal white men who are truly progressive and prefer Asian women do not exist.