A terrifying look into the future of Half Asians.

A post from May 30th, 2017.

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For years, I was best friends with a guy I met in college. He was a nice, intelligent guy, but terrible with women or at trying to get a girlfriend. In all honesty, most guys I dated weren’t threatened by him because they assumed he was gay, and even if told otherwise just thought he was in the closet (He was then, and continues to be extremely effeminate with interests like musicals, collecting antiques, and fashion). Despite this, he was desperate to get a girlfriend and went through years of trying with no success. Eventually​, a friend set him up on OKCupid, and lo and behold, he meets multiple Asian women, one of whom is a woman from China he ends up dating and getting engaged to.

I know I should be happy for my friend because he finally found someone, but damn it, something about the relationship always seemed off to me (and not just the fact that he describes her as ‘gorgeous’ when she is one of the ugliest Asian women I’ve ever seen). It always seemed more like he was happy to have companionship and someone to take to events than he was to actually be in a relationship with her specifically, and reading through a lot of the posts on this sub, I really feel like their relationship is described in a nutshell.

I know he’s a massive racist, something which has become widely apparent in the past few years (and why we aren’t really friends anymore). He constantly makes comments about blacks, Middle Easterners, and Hispanics among friends. He threw an absolute fit when his sister started dating a non-white man and no longer speaks to her because of it, though he tries to claim it’s because his sister’s BF is “controlling”. When fiancee isn’t around, he makes comments about how much he hates Asian men, and is scared to have a son with her. After they were engaged, he told me that he was already intending to leave his antiques and such to his sister and her children so that “white people would inherit them”, though that’s changed now that she looks likely to not marry a white man.

I also know that his fiancee is just as bad as him. She is constantly trying to introduce white male friends to her Asian friends. The only Asian men I’ve ever seen her interact with are relatives or relatives of friends. Her best friend’s brother couldn’t find a wife here and was literally forced to ship over what is basically a male order bride. My friend has claimed on multiple occasions that he believes she makes him a better man, the only evidence I’ve seen of that is that his tastes in fashion are now more expensive because she won’t let either of them wear anything ‘cheap’ or made in China. She made them rent a huge home that they clearly couldn’t afford, so she could have a nicer house than her grad school classmates, and told him that she refused to pay any part of the rent or expenses because that’s his job. She has apparently planned their lives out and is adamant that he will run for office, become a senator or governor, and they will have vacation homes in China and Europe. This is all incredibly unrealistic, despite the fact that they are currently decently paid young professionals. To be blunt, I don’t think either has a very high ceiling career wise, but they are absolutely the type of people who think they just never get the fair break they deserve.

Ultimately, I think they’re both racist assholes who deserve each other. I do feel absolutely terrible for their prospective children though. I can’t imagine him treating an Asian son well, and I can’t imagine him treating an Asian daughter all that much better. I fully expect that 25 years from now their children will have the exact same issues so many people here have had with their own WMAF parents, and to a certain extent that really breaks my heart. Sorry for the rant guys, I just wanted you to know you opened my eyes and made me feel like I wasn’t crazy or overly judgemental, and they really do seem to be headed for a massive trainwreck of a life.