A comment on one of EurasianTiger’s Youtube videos.

Bravo. One of your better videos. I’m a black woman and have had Asian women look down on me from their high horses and all of them have been the ones that seek white dick. When I was a kid and after learning about multiculturalism I thought that other minorities would be my friend easily. I remember attempting to be friends with Asian girls in school and in the workplace when I was younger thinking that they were normal people and not racist AND we had something in common being a minority in mostly white environments. Well the Asian women mostly gave me the cold shoulder in school, work settings etc in favor of trying to be part of the all white circles. Their racism and white = status mentality is so evident now when I see Asian women , white men couples I have nothing but disdain. Everyone hates these couples!!!!!

These women are self hating, obsessed with status and whiteness and are some of the most racist and self centered people ive met. They think they are white and when white supremacy gives them their wake up call I do not think other minorities should run to support them. Let their autistic, white privilege having, living in a bubble of social issues white boyfriends save them. By the way, just married my half white/asian husband. Asian mother in law has been evil and racist lolol so yea, its not a stereotype its reality. These women have issues!