Proving once again that Half Asian sons are the only children that are born to a father (a lower tier white man who considers Asian women as a last resort, and views both wife and child as a temporary “what if”) who believes he is entitled to humiliate and denigrate his own child, and a mother who will support him on the basis that he is white.

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I have a half-Asian Son with tighter eyes than that.

I always ask the same thing.

I think he sees through his nostrils.

Poor guy.

I rarely mention anime, but has anyone see that ancient anime 3X3 Eyes? The Japanese make fun of the main character, Yakumo, becasue he is from China. With the exception of one emotional scene, he literally looks like this through the entire anime/manga:

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This man’s post history does not end there, however, and like many White fathers of Asian children, he is a Holocaust denying, anti-Semite, Nazi-sympathizer.

Apparently, “Deustchblut” (Or German blood) is very active on FunnyJunk, ranked #136 iamong all commentors.

In one post, “DeutschBlut” defends Nazis and Asian girls. Archive here.


More from him. Archive here.


Humiliating Asian men and White women. Archive here.


Jokes about dressing his Half Asian children in Swastika shirts. Archive here.


Admitting he is a Holocaust denier. Archive here.

Another far right, Nazi, racist white guy, whose racism extends to his own half asian son.

More from a simple Google search on his online activity.