Fairly typical behavior of a white male who resents White women for rejecting him, goes for self-hating, ugly Asian women as a way to reaffirm his masculinity, and gets angry at an Asian male, white female couple – a much healthier couple than his own.

Remember that Elliot Rodger had killed several Asian men and White women – the same people that White male / Asian female couples seem to hate.

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Post might since have been deleted after exposure, but remains in context here:

Hi everyone. I’m a Korean American girl who’s engaged to a white guy. I’ve been with my fiance for about a year and a half, and we’ve been engaged for 4 months. He’s a great guy and I never had doubts about him but last night he said something that really made me uncomfortable. His friends were over at his place yesterday (they’re all white as well) and I was in the other room studying. I had gone into the kitchen to grab a drink and I overheard them talking about this girl that one of his friends worked with and thought was attractive and wanted to ask out. They were looking her up on Facebook and saw that she had a boyfriend and they all started laughing and I distinctly heard my fiance say “hah sorry man, must feel like shit to get beaten out by a chink” (which obviously meant she has an Asian boyfriend). I was so taken aback and went straight back into the other room and haven’t brought it up since. Now, I’ve never thought of my fiance as a racist guy. He dated two Asian girls before me so I didn’t think he could be a racist. But now I’m scared to ask him about what he said because I’m so scared he’s going to turn out to be someone I didn’t think he was. I just know I can’t be with someone who says things like that cause for all I know he could be saying things like that about me too… Should I bring this up with him? I don’t know if I should work towards forgetting it or not in case it was a one time thing, all I know is that I feel very uncomfortable around him right now.

Tldr: white fiance said something racist. I feel very upset about it. Should I say something or could it be a one time thing?

Comment from the Asian female OP /u/Cymedi

I haven’t really seen him thinking of me as submissive or other things people with yellow fever have. I think maybe he’s just into Asian girls, like I’m into white guys and have only dated white guys. But now I’m starting to question it a little more and it’s making me feel grossed out :/

Comment from a White guy interested in Asian women /u/JayGeezy1

Let’s all take a deep breath before we go nuclear on her fiance. Yes, it was a dumb remark to make. No, it doesn’t make him a card carrying racist who has it out for Asian guys. Men of all races will speak in more vulgar terms when in a peer group than they would if a female and/or someone from another race was present. It happens. It doesn’t make them all racist. Tell him what you heard. Tell him it bothers you and that one day, if he is lucky, he will have a ‘chink’ kid and how would he like to hear other kids calling his son that horrible term? Unlike others here, I bet he is very understanding apologetic and will make an effort to expunge terms like that from his lexicon, no matter the audience.