And people wonder why half Asian sons have so much trouble – cue Elliot Rodger.

Not only is this white male married to an Asian female – she is at risk, due to her age, of giving birth to an autistic, fully Asian looking son who inherits his father and mothers’ white supremacist, violent belief systems.

A summary from Reddit:

  • A white guy who goes for Asian women because they will overlook his mental problems, white supremacist beliefs, in favor of integrating and getting white children
  • An Asian woman who wants to feel desired and sexy so she will marry a white supremacist who feels that she’s just as good as those blue eyed blonde haired girls that he wants
  • A white guy who wants an Asian woman because she’s a traditional, family oriented woman who appreciates him for being white, and doesn’t sleep with blacks or immigrants
  • A sexless, screaming, nagging marriage at home. so he takes out is sexual aggression in far right politics
  • He uses his Asian wife as a means to prove he’s not racist when she is living proof that he IS racist because no white woman will touch or marry a white male who is openly “white pride.”
  • Son comes out, to a 36 year old Asian mother, looking hyper Asian, autistic due to her old age, and inherits the mother and fathers’ racist, violent belief system

Just another White racist guy with an Asian wife

Literally nothing to see here

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From the article.

The motorcycle nut arrested for driving his high-powered bike through a crowd of Trump protesters staging a ‘die-in’ on a San Francisco street is a sleazy porn company boss and staunch supporter of the President.

Musclebound Jeff Dillon was seemingly unhappy that dozens activists were protesting against President Trump’s healthcare plans just a block from the offices of GameLink, the hardcore porn company where he works.

In shocking video of the incident, protesters can be seen lying or standing on the road with signs before Dillon, driving a red 2015 BMW motorcycle, begins to drive up behind them.

More has since learned that heavily tattooed Dillon calls himself Dillonaire and is an avid Trump supporter and ran a Facebook group called White Privilege Club.

‘This isn’t a racist site/group, it is the exact opposite. It is a celebration of our culture and who we are… I am proud of who I am and my people,’ he wrote on the group page before it was deleted on Thursday night.

Another deleted post read: ‘Yell “White Pride” and people look at you like ive got a clan outfit on… I married a slant eye import, so you know i aint racist :wink:’

On several of his social media pages he is seen posing with his wife, a 36-year-old Asian woman named Teresa.

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