PillEater is another white male, in a long list of white males, who see Asian women as the key to reestablishing the legacy of white male superiority, cultural stability, and a return of a culture that resembles something akin to that which existed before “Social Justice Warriors” and radical progressivism.

He also promotes “Asian Aryanism” through his website, AsianAryanism.com

His introduction video.

Among his more questionable videos, some are:

  • “White Girls Need to Know About Race,” in which he complains about the behavior of white women, with such quotes as:

    “Now, most white nationalists know that white women are good, and if you really cared about white society… you would procreate and have white children. Well, with today’s society, that is not really happening, because of feminism…. It is as if the white woman is a beast, a monster, that cannot be contained…. I’ve experienced this myself… since the middle of high school…. but every time I went to a typical white girl… it turns out that on average, I had success with Asian girls, than white girls, because white girls are bitchy feminists. They try to act like white men all the time.”