andrew-anglinAndrew Anglin, the founder of the largest Neo-Nazi website, admits in this article – published, of course, on his website – that he has had several Asian girlfriends, an achievement also shared by Richard Spencer, and a slew of other prominent white nationalists, ranging from John Derbyshire, to Charles Murray, author of the controversial “race realist” book, The Bell Curve.

However, Anglin also writes about being slandered by other white nationalists for being a “race mixer,” despite pointing out that the same white nationalists slandering him, also have Asian partners and Asian children.

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Below are the sections of the piece that feature the word “Asian,” for the purpose of expedience, as the entire blog-post is far too long.

Anglin writes:

To be clear, I was actually already living and working in Asia at the time, because it was just so much more sensible economically.  Also, it is a lot of fun in Southeast Asia (China isn’t), and all the White people you meet are outcast sorts who you can usually connect with easily (you aren’t really spending much time with Asians).  As the reader is aware, to this day I have little negative to say about Asians, save that I don’t think they should be immigrating into Western countries (in any kind of numbers) and I don’t think White people should be producing children with them.  I will also say that Chinese people don’t have souls.


Then people also call me a “race mixer” for having hung out with Asian girls. I never had a serious Asian girlfriend, nor did I ever produce any Asian children, and when talking about the problems with interracial relationships I regularly cite the fact that I have dated Asian girls – so again, bringing this up like “haha – I gotcha!” strikes me as retarded. It is also creepy to have people making up stories about my sex life, and definitely reflects on them a lot more than it does me.


This picture gets spammed as proof I'm a shill. A meme created by a Moslem convert rapper.  Isn't it cute that Lewka/Yusuf calls me "Andy"?This picture gets spammed as proof I’m a shill – sitting at a table with Asians while in Asia 6 years ago. A meme created by a Moslem convert rapper.


Roberts’ is not a homo (he has several kids – who are coincidentally Asian, even while he attacks me for hanging out with Asian chicks); his obsessionism appears to relate to his autism. Nothing against autists here, but they do have this sort of obsessive tendency. Scott continues to say he wants a debate, but I have already debated him on all of these issues, and right now, I just want nothing at all to do with him. It is a very creepy feeling to have people obsessed with you. Most men never experience it (women obviously do).