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“Nick Land – Violent technologist. Land, a British former academic who blogs from Shanghai, is the in-house philosopher of “neo-reactionism.” An “accelerationist” who wants to follow capitalism to its extreme, hurtling human beings into the Hobbesian, robot-dominated future they deserve, Land also publishes e-books of “Abstract Horror” fiction.”

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Which is the most important point in my view. Welfare and it’s associated political arrangements are destroying the world economy, and by any measure it won’t last much longer. I know I’ll see it collapse. Still I don’t see how elite liberal will be able to rationalise fleeing to Shanghai to enjoy french cuisine while fellow humans are starving in the interior. We know a lot of people, especially white people, prefer to die rather than being morally inferior. So there’s no moral framework that justifies letting the proles starve. Well, there is one, HBD. But HBD is scary business, and according to your temperament it might mean different things. HBD taken seriously might also mean total NAM removal. Wars for lebensraum. Mandatory eugenics. It’s nasty business, and all my models of a HBD realist world involve a lot of blood. Nick Land doesn’t see it that way, he says people will isolate themselves and make up stuff to rationalise it.

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He’s a proponent of the “Dark Enlightenment” (which is just another hipster breed of neo-Nazis)

Nick’s hatred of liberal institutions did not end at universities. He also loathed the language of human rights and human values—the values that exists to explain and defend democracy, the United Nations, and ideas like universal jurisdiction. Land recognised that the notion of universal laws and rights flow from the guiding idea of the Enlightenment: we all part of humanity. He sought to debunk it.”

His interview with Red Ice Radio.