Common language spoken among the Weeaboos on 4chan’s /pol, often heralded as a frighteningly large collection of white supremacists – who ironically post on a Japanese message board.

4chan’s love affair with Asian women is renowned, and looking into the message board reveals a staggering amount of white supremacists with Asian wives and children.

While 4chan cannot be taken seriously – the fact that their political opinions represent the closeted opinions of White men that have overflowed into real life news events (see the list of White supremacists with Asian children) – it is cause for alarm.

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Hapas on this board: Are you happy and proud of what you are, or do you resent your parents for creating you?

Out of concern for the overall wellbeing of my future children, I’m thinking about marrying a Japanese woman. I want them to grow up in a safe country with sane people. I don’t want to have white kids in America, a mongrel baizuo shithole where they will be surrounded by subhumans who want to kill them. I’m highly intelligent as reflected by my current net worth, and I don’t want my wealth or my genes to go to waste on a greedy white pig who expects me to polish her tiara every day until the inevitable divorce rape. The only white-passing person I’d consider reproducing with is a Polish woman, but I’m not a Catholic, and living in Poland wouldn’t provide my children with many opportunities to advance.

Am I making a mistake?

>inb4 someone slides this thread with invalid Elliot Rodger/Mattress Girl memes claiming all hapas are aspiring serial killers where you consistently fail to acknowledge that the father was a Jew in all of these cases and not a white man


It’s a hedge investment. I will encourage my female children to marry White men, and my male children to marry Japanese women. My descendants will dilute themselves into both gene pools, and after a few generations, half of my descendants will look exactly like me, and the other half will look nothing like me. I don’t have a problem with this.