It has been said that white expats in Asian – in particular, those colloquially referred to as “sexpats” – are a vicious breed who target Asian countries as a means of establishing superiority, when in fact, they lack it within their own countries; it is even well known that expats in Asian countries oftentimes feel angered by the “betrayal” of white women and oppose immigration into white countries, all the while raising half-Asian children with Asian women that they use as a proxy for their white superiority complex. More on the subject can be found in Reddit comments below.

Video of Youtuber M13 harassing and endangering Asian motorists.




A video in which M13 mocks and laughs at his Asian looking son; making jokes about how he needed to teach his son to be Asian, by allowing the child to dance in a video game.

The video, at least in 2015, was subtitled:

Teaching My Son to be ASIAN. I feel Asians are genetically superior. And since my son is half white I’m trying to force it out of him by making him play arcade dance games as all true Asians should. I’m a Canadian boy of Scottish ancestry.


Reddit comments from the first time this video came out.


Among other videos that this Youtuber has published; one stands out, in which he suggests that Asian men undergo gender realignment surgery, due to the fact that Asian women were “obsessed” with foreigners.



Reddit comments on M13: