An article written by a Youtuber now known as “Asian Dave,” who underwent extreme physical deterioration and weight gain over the years.

I grew up ashamed that being Asian I was ugly. I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 19 because of that,” Sarchet says.
Sarchet is half-white but identifies as Asian. He is an offspring of a white father from the Air Force and a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant. Sarchet cooks burgers for Sonic Drive-In in Colorado, studies social services at Pikes Peak Community College and wants to get a graduate degree, get married and have children.
“But if I have daughters, I’m gonna only buy them black Barbie dolls or Asian Barbie dolls. I don’t want them growing up thinking that they are not beautiful just because they are not white,” he says.
Sarchet made the decision after seeing a YouTube video that shows how 15 out of 21 black children prefer a white doll when asked to choose between identical white and black toys. When the interviewer asks why the other toy looks bad, kids overwhelmingly respond, “Because it’s black.”

Original is down; archive is here.

Asian Dave was also known, prior to his breakdown, of making videos discussing self-hatred among Asian women.