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It is fairly typical for Eurasians to demonstrate a pro-white sentiment as a manifestation of their deep seated insecurity and self hatred, as pushed by their Asian mother – who loathes her Asian appearance – and a white father who imported or married an Asian woman as a means to reestablish dominance in a relationship, when he is or was rejected by White women due to his physical or social inadequacy.

The general pattern is that the children of White men and Asian women – both of whom are pro-white, yet only one of whom is actually white – inherits the parents’ pro-white standing, despite not looking White. This was demonstrated in Elliot Rodger as a well as Daniel Holtzclaw. The tragedy persists, as Eurasian children seem to devolve into mental illness or violence in some cases, unless confronted by exterior forces; having no recourse within their home and being raised, more often than not, in broken homes, and with a mother who is convinced her child is white, and a white father who discretely yearns for a time period where White men were supreme.