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It’s no surprise that White men who marry Asian women oftentimes are in conflict with their children’s dating choices.

White men seek out Asian women, by and large, because of their reputation of being “traditional,” family oriented, and their tendency towards anti-blackness; i.e., a white man will seek out an Asian woman out of the security of knowing that she will never harbor attraction towards black men – a source of insecurity for white men.

So, when an Asian looking Eurasian son is left with two choices – be single due to the overwhelming racism against Asian looking men in society, or marry a black woman – the race of women who understands the horrific racism that is directed against a specific racial-gender category of individuals, oftentimes that White fathers and Asian mothers become extremely angry.

Asian women, by and large, also do not want to see their Eurasian sons or daughters marry black people, as black people represent the antithesis to the struggle of Asian women to gain a foothold in western society as a “secondary white woman,” perpetually superior to white women (due to their fetishization), yet inferior.