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Asian women, despite dating White men, oftentimes have nothing nice or pleasant to say about Asian males, and will take their insecurity over their looks to such an extreme that – albeit in supposedly “loving” relationships with lower status, nebbish white men – they will attack and demean Asian men and non-Asian female couples; and some will go so far as to push their Hapa sons to exclusively date and marry Asian women.

Eurasian Tiger / Eurasian Writer summarized exactly why WMAF couples were extremely hostile to AMWF couples; simply because of an envy and hatred directed towards a functioning, healthy relationship, as opposed to one submerged in a murky swamp of fetishism and racism.

The text of the post was submitted under the title: AM here to say that this sub is on point.

Hello friends, long time lurker first time poster. To be honest when I first started reading this sub, i thought you guys were insane. But you guys have definitely opened up my views on the struggles hapas face, AMWF relationships and AFs who hate on their own culture.
A little intro about myself, Im an Asian male (korean American and damn proud of it) married to an Asian female. Wife is also of korean decent and proud of her heritage, so I guess I struck gold.
Growing up in Los Angeles I was lucky to be surrounded by a lot of asians. Even if I faced racism or hate at school or public areas, I always had a safe enclave to fall back to (friends, family, church, korean school, sat academy etc).
The dating scene wasn’t bad at all for me. From what I experienced and assumed was that asian women preferred asian men. Sure there was some interracial relationships here and there but the vast majority were AMAF. Granted, when I was in high school it was the 90s and the “Asian Pride” thing was huge in LA, Orange County, San fernando valley and San Gabriel valley.
I did see some WMAF couples but didn’t think much of them since both the WM and AF were busted up looking. Also had some Hapa friends and I always assumed that their lives were cool since they got to experience both cultures (although in retrospect, I now remember that the WM dad’s were always assholes to me and other full blooded asians).
During high school and college, I was blind to all the hatred towards asian males and self loathing asian females since I always had a tight knit group to fall back to and I never had an issue of fitting in.
But now that I’m in my 30s, I’m now fully aware of the ugly situation. About a 3 months ago I stumbled upon this sub and almost dismissed it entirely. However two weeks ago a close asian female friend of mine started texting me about how pissed off she was. You see, she’s an Asian girl married to a white dude, which I never had an issue with. But she just found out that her asian ex bf was engaged to a white girl who is smoking hot. Good lord she was pissed and proceeded to shit talk him about the size of his dick.
This past weekend my sister brought her new white bf to our moms bday party. This guy for sure had an Asian fetishes and went on for how awesome kpop is and how he loves anime and shit. This little fucker makes 15 bucks an hr while my sister is approaching a 6 figure salary.
And at work this week I overhear an Asian female land whale rant about how she’d never date an Asian man because they’re beneath her. She was actually proud of this statement. I wanted to confront her about what she said but she has a history of filing sexual harassment cases against dudes who challenge her views, so fuck that.
Anyhow, I’m “woke” as fuck now and empathize with your struggles. Keep preaching brother and sisters and move foward.
TLDR: I thought this sub was bullshit, but in a span of 2 fucking weeks I witnessed all the stuff you guys were talking about. Was blind but now I see.
EDIT: I know some of the hapas here wish they were never born or are struggling with their identity. But all I gotta say is that if you guys ever decide to embrace your asian side then I’m all for it. I’m happy to welcome you to my community anytime and I know a lot of full blooded asians who feel the same.