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My mother took tiger momming to a new level. Once my mom asked me to move furniture and I wanted to play outside, and my mom took her scissors threatened to chop my dick off and because she said I wasnt being a man and that I should always be obedient to her. Also she did in front of my friend and he was in total shock when that happened.
She would call me a retard if I got anything under 85% on tests. If I did something like leave a sink dripping she would get furious and call me a mistake.
On several occasions my mom got so angry she threatened to kill us by coming to us and nearly stabbing me and my sister, my sister was stabbed in the arm by her once.
She also said when watching TV there isnt an Asian man more attractive than Robert Redford.
Also my mom used to be a hardcore fundamentalist Christian. She would make sure me and my sister werent infected with homosexuality. She made me read the bible every single day.
In someways White males do Asian men a favor by picking all the mentally ill Asian females. But we Eurasian kids especially us sons suffer.