Archive here.

The original post first discusses the typical Eurasian fare; dying her hair blonde in order to look whiter – something unique and very typical among Eurasians, especially those raised by White fathers and Asian mothers, who oftentimes fantasize about the child being white, and encourage the child to take pride only in the whiteness of their appearance.

What comes after the reply, however, is shocking, and reveals the high risk nature of Eurasian sons.

Back with an update!
Conversation didn’t go over so well. I asked what kind of woman she wanted my brother to marry, and without fail, said she wanted him to marry an asian women as they will “treat him better than white women”
As for the suggestion of me marrying a hapa. She said hapa males come out looking too asian. She said it as if it was a bad thing which then prompted a long argument. I fiercely love my younger brother (he is 11 I am 22) and I had to step up and raise him when he was first born due to family issues.
I brought up what this subreddit is all about. She said she wanted my brother to marry an asian women because they will ‘treat him better’, but I mentioned how is that possible when tons of asian women, like herself, disregard asian men. I didn’t expect her to give a well thought out answer of course. After accusing her she let me know what an ungrateful daughter I am and that I will not understand the struggle asian women face as I look ‘white enough’
Taking my brother and gonna sleep back at my apartment tonight.