More examples of the Dean Cain phenomenon, from 1999.

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This writer’s anger at Half Asians becoming politically liberal and embracing the “one drop rule” as a way to distance themselves from whiteness is problematic enough, showing how white men who like Asian women tend to be resentful of liberals and black men and white women pairs (which he makes mention of).

The below piece, written in 1999, demonstrates the absolute contempt that white men who like Asian women have for anything progressive.

I use to think One-Drop racial annexation only happened to Black-mixed. Not so. The big La Raza Latin civil right org (NCLR) is trying to put the same moves on Hispanics who might feel tempted to stray into “whiteness.” And don’t look now, but Hapa Issues Forum (HIF) is bent on doing exactly the same (One-Drop and all) to our Eurasian children. (They call our kids “Hapa” — derogatory Hawaiian slang, for “half-white foreigner.”) HIF, cooinging like a nun, softy reproves us for our our Asian-White interracial marriages (“What about the children?”); it comforts young college Hapas (most of its membership seem to be U.C. Berkely students) for their “tragic” mixed birth. Basically, I see HIF as a “One-Drop” brainwashing machine attempting to turn bright young Eurasians into Asian-American clones of Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Kwasi Mufume, Jesse Jackson …, etc.

Unfortunately, it sometimes succeeds.

More staggering racism from the father to an Asian son.

Similarly, by defining Black as “inevitably Black,” the One-Drop rule creates a psychological safety net for all non-Blacks at Blacks’ expense. However low an Asian or White may plunge, he or she will always be above “them.” What NAACP One-Drop boosting fools don’t think of or care about is the reverse effect: At a tender age One-Drop hammers a ball and chain around every little black child’s heart.

I make damn sure that HIF, One-Drop, and this “evolutionary ladder” blasphemy gets nowhere near my child.

The irony is that this man, George Winkel, actually used the picture of Dean Cain, the son of two generations of AMWF – a Quappa of quarter-Japanese descent paternally over two generations – as proof that WMAF was indeed worthy of producing decent children.