Why racist white men love Asian women is no mystery; given the choice between maintaining a hostile personality, outdated viewpoints, anger at progress and feminism, and being single – or finding an Asian woman who either supports (via her desire to integrate and escape the cultural ghetto of Asianness in the West), or doesn’t quite understand the depths of white male racism – most white men would chose the Asian woman.

Asian women’s “preference” for white men is so famed that many white men who are unable to secure a partner outside of Asian women will heavily rely on Asian women, while harboring racist views towards them; there is no other example of this comparable to other mixed race pairings.

Moreover, the hatred that White men with Asian partners have towards Asian women is well documented, given that White men who like Asian women are generally considered unattractive within their own cultures and seek out Asian women on the basis that they are better than Asian men, at the very least.

The list of racist white men with Asian partners is extensive, and well documented, and continues to grow.

This is not an isolated example, just one captured in real time.

The frightening part is that the children are oftentimes subjected to harsh racism outside of the home, and within, with sometimes lethal or tragic results.

No other biracial pairing subjects the child to forces that are extremely hostile to its own existence – other than that between white men and the Asian women who are complicit in hoping that their children do not look Asian. K91dSZJ.jpg

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