A Youtube video about this young woman, who goes by the name of “Political Kathy.”

When the video was reposted on reddit.com/r/hapas, Kathy came to defend herself, stating some questionable opinions, such as:


She also demonstrated the fairly typical anger towards a non-Asian woman dating an Asian male – a phenomenon common among Asian women and their White partners, in which they seek to attack the livelihood of non-Asian women, who they view as prettier, and Asian men, who they feel as beneath them.

Political Kathy is another manifestation of a unique class of person of color – a woman who is willing and able to support white supremacy, in the hopes of being seen as beautiful and escape the thralls of the Asian gilded ghetto; e.g., Asian women who understand the social pitfalls of identifying as Asian in the face of a racist society, and also are in heavy competition with women who they view as more beautiful than them, due to deep eyes, heavier and more pronounced features, and larger physical assets, whereby Asian women will seek to latch onto the most powerful members of society – White men, in the hopes that this will make them feel desirable.

Kathy also went to lengths to advertise her love for Donald Trump on /r/the_donald, a forum known for its extreme racism; ironically one of her photos earned her the comment of “we have the prettiest white supremacists.”