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Why are Asian women targeted for violence by white – or at least, mostly white – men?

EurasianTiger had written a good deal on it before.


  • White men view Asian women as a last resort, on rejection from white society due to their sexual “quirks” or social inadequacy
  • Asian women are seen as being an “other” on which White men can impose without fear of retribution or judgment from the Western viewpoint
  • Asian women are seen as childlike, with childlike, neotonous qualities that are unattractive to everyone except men with mental and social problems, and oftentimes a psychosexual need to dominate
  • Asian women’s famed “preference” for whiteness (for status and to escape the gilded ghetto) opens the door for desperate white men with no other options, meaning that most men view Asian women as a last resort; in some cases, the last resort is a “first resort”, aka, for pedophiles, white nationalists, racist.
  • Whereas a non-Asian man with psychological problems will have trouble adjusting to a Western setting where people are vetted for mental problems, Asians, due to the cultural gap and language barrier, are unable to determine a decent White male from a bad one.
  • Stereotypes of Asian women attract men with a need for dominance, but on failing to fulfill these characteristics, or on failing to meet sexual expectations, causes these white guys to snap and become violentAsian women possess social qualities (an inability to question or challenge the world around them), and physical qualities (small bodies, small breasts, small buttocks), that makes them appealing to a subset of bottom of the barrel, poorly adjusted men, and since the relationship is based on sex and expectations, failing to meet either oftentimes upsets a fairly unbalanced “relationship”, oftentimes leading to violence

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