Since White men who go for Asian women oftentimes do so as an affirmation of whiteness, meaning that White men who specifically are against “anti-white propaganda” and “anti-white discourse” use Asian women as a vessel to prop themselves up against liberalism, it is not surprising to see white fathers actively working to dismiss racism against their own children.

Hapa children are unique in the fact that Asian women and White men – both of whom are complicit in the superiority of whiteness – are adamant about their children speaking out about racism; given that the white father married the Asian woman on the basis that he was sick of feminism, and because the Asian woman comes from a culture where social issues are ignored in favor of fitting in.

More proof that Half Asian sons are high risk.

The question was posed:

“What is the most fun way to punish a child?”

“all you white people think all Asian countries are the same.”
That’s what my son said, when his sixth grade teacher confused the leader of Singapore for the leader of Taiwan. Maybe it was in defense of his Asian heritage, with him being half Chinese, but really — he was just being a douche nugget.
I found out about the exchange when signing a detention slip, something that he seemed proud of, and that it was “totally worth it.”
One hour of detention wasn’t going to teach him a lesson.
I emailed his teacher the next day:
“Since Antsinmymouth Jr seems to think all of us White Devils think ‘all Asian countries are the same,’ maybe he should enlighten the class. Maybe he could give a report on, oh, maybe 5-6 Asian countries.”
His teacher thought this to be a wonderful idea.
When Jr returned home the next day, I innocently asked “How was school today?”
“Terrible. Now I have to do a report.”
He still doesn’t know it was me who suggest it. The only people that know are his mother, his teacher, and all the other teachers as the story spread throughout the teachers’
 Other users called him out for his shocking racism and stated that his son could potentially get involved in very high risk behavior.

Of course. But it isn’t bimodal. You didn’t even mention consulting with his mother (who might have experience feeling this way), just that she ‘knows’ what you did. For a half-asian kid the fact that he is half-asian is a really big deal. You probably don’t get that, with your Rush Limbaugh Fox News lingo (‘play the race card’). Do you have any respect for his mother? The racism that she and her son experience? You talk about your kid like he’s an ‘other.’ You think my saying something is about classifying you – wrong. It’s about waking up to the fact that your kid is going to increasingly encounter challenges because of his race and you are not only not equipped to deal with it, you pretend the issue doesn’t exist. “Playing the race card.” Are you for real? This is your son’s life, not a talk show. Get educated on this stuff or don’t be surprised when your son decides he hates you, curses being mixed, and starts engaging in risky behavior.

At the very least, read Raising Mixed Race. And if you’ve got enough balls, go read /r/hapas. You’ll be tempted to write them off but you need to see what kind of anger can develop if you do not get ahold of this stuff.