This comment thread was found on a Shanghaiist article about a Chinese man / French couple – after which the father of two half-Chinese boys chimed in, voicing his disgust for a couple involving an Asian male, and a white female; rather than disgust for White men, and Asian women.

White men who pursue Asian women are oftentimes the most racist, as they feel rejected by white women, and feminism, and pursue Asian women as a means to reestablish control, knowing full well that Asian women will value them more on the status of their Whiteness; White men who pursue Asian women oftentimes hate Asian men the most, simply because these White men are rejected from Western countries, have poor social skills, and are racist – attributes that White women do not want in a partner, so they rely heavily on Asian women.

The irony being that the white men who raise Half Asian sons, tend to hate Asian, and Half Asian men, with an intense passion; this is compounded by their anger at the fact that Asian women can be extremely controlling, passive aggressive, and do not fit up to the sexualized myths that they expected, making the White fathers of Asian children extremely resentful, angry and in some cases violent; seeing Asian men and White women – White women being the real prize that rejected them  – makes white men boil with rage.