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White men involved with Asian women are oftentimes over the top and unabashed racists, particularly against Chinese or Asian people; in the case of those with Chinese wives, like my father, it seems particular that these men descend into open racist and bitter attitudes, in likely part due to their frustration.

White men who pursue Asian women, for one, do so as a way to reestablish power, and take it back from feminist white women and minorities (who are gaining traction in the West) – referred to as “fempats” on subreddits like /r/CC2, and as a result, due to viewing their Chinese wives and partners as “second choices,” or even “last pick choices” due to anger and desperation at being rejected by Western women, oftentimes resent and hate the fact that they have to live in Asia, or in this case, China, and resent the fact that their Chinese wives are extremely controlling and nagging; this is compounded by the fact that many Chinese women, being status oriented, are angered by the reality that they only have access to bottom of the barrel white men.

More horrifying is their hatred of Asian, or Chinese men, who it is theorized that they project their anger towards Chinese people onto, such that the Chinese male becomes the actualized embodiment of the Chinese wife that is in total control; but it is more likely that White men who go for Chinese or Asian women are generally regarded as rejected, bottom of the barrel men, oftentimes racist and entitled (which in part makes them unattractive to liberal white or non-Western women), and so they are looking to demean Asian men as being beneath them, as a way to reaffirm their masculinity and superiority.

E.g., “I may be a white loser in China, but at least I am better than Chinese men.”

Add to this a sexless marriage, cultural incompatibility – where an Asian woman expects her white husband to provide her with status and will treat the relationship as a means to an end, rather than a genuine, loving one – and many white men will externalize their rage and anger, onto Asian men, who, naturally, they hate as being competition for the bottom-tier women who these same white men have to resort to due to the high standards of White women.

The disaster, of course, is that many of these men are raising Chinese children who are forced to identify, in their fathers’ countries, as Asian, and yet coming from a broken home, and coming from a racist white father who hates Chinese people, and a mother who wants her children to be anything but a Chinese male. Eurasian Elliot Rodger, who murdered Chinese men and White women, is a prime example.