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“My wife is Asian, I’m not racist,” is the new, “I’m not racist, my best friend is black.”

The Assistant Attorney General (AAG) of Guam is in hot water after an anonymously posted YouTube video revealed alleged racist remarks he made towards the local Filipino community.
The Philippine Consul General’s Office plans to meet with the Guam Bar Association to find out whether or not AAG Ben Abram’s remarks warrant an ethics complaint, according to the KUAM TV news in Guam.
“The AG (attorney general) expressed his apprehension that the video incident might create a propaganda effect and divert the focused determination of the AGO (attorney general’s office) to prosecute the concerned case with integrity and transparency,” said Philippine Consul General Bayani Mangibin in a statement to the TV station.
The uproar occurred when an anonymous person posted a video showing Abrams refuting an unnamed person’s remarks about sending transcription work to the Philippines.
“Their English is not good enough,” said Abrams. “I don’t think their English is good enough…I don’t like that idea at all… You’re dealing with a Third World country where English is a second language.”
Abrams, whose wife is a Filipina, said the remarks were taken out of context.