Last week, James Allsup protested in Charlottesville; Allsup is part Filipino. Also present was Chuck C. Johnson, a white nationalist and alt-righter with an Indonesian wife.

This week, the LA Times  wrote about how the far right and White Nationalists were now turning to California to express their hate.

They also wrote about how a man named James Gibson was organizing a rally on the Golde Gate Bridge.

It is unsurprising how the sons of White men and Asian women are as racist as their parents; hateful, racist white men fetishize Asian women as a way to “take back the power” from White feminists, “mudsharks,” and liberals, and see traditional, family oriented Asian women as the alternative to a world that rejects White supremacy; given that Asian women wish they were white and want blue eyed blond haired children for themselves, and consistently tell their children that they are white – many Hapas become even more racist than their parents, which is a hard act to follow.

Joey Gibson, who is organizing the Aug. 26 rally near Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, said the event has nothing to do with white supremacy. Gibson is Asian, and the list of speakers for his event includes a black man and a transgender woman. He said he has disavowed white nationalist groups in the past and is simply aiming at San Francisco to reach people whose politics may be at odds with his own.

“There’s no point in going into areas where there’s not a bunch of hatred and there’s not a bunch of misunderstanding,” said Gibson, of Vancouver, Wash. “You’ve got to go into these areas where the kids have been lied to, where the kids have been deceived.”

Gibson distanced himself from violence and the events of Charlottesville, but also acknowledged that added media attention could attract extremists. At least two of the figures expected to speak at the weekend rallies have also been linked to violence in the past.