About a year ago, a contestant on the American TV show, “The Bachelorette”, was half-Asian Jon Hamilton, who made the quip immediately after appearing that he was “Scottish below the waist,” representing the bizarre self hatred that many Half Asians have towards Asian maleness, especially when they have White fathers and Asian mothers.


HalfAsian.org’s first post was about this topic as well.

Jon Hamilton represents a long list of Half Asian men who have an unfathomable degree of confusion and self-hatred regarding their own appearance, given that Asian women will go out of their way to attack Asian males, yet produce Asian male children; the child oftentimes internalizes this.

Jon Hamilton apparently is also a Trump supporter, representing the trend of White conservative men to value “traditional, familiy oriented Asian women,” as an alternative to White feminist women and liberal, Western society.

On a side note, someone on /r/Hapas did an “ethnicity test” on Jon “Scottish below the waist” Hamilton, which resulted in a 98% Asian result.