Why more and more Elliot Rodgers are inevitable.

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Shit I yell that at my wife all the time. Even today I mentioned to her to make sure she drove with her eyes open so she doesn’t get into a wreck… Racism is for immature losers. Joking about stereotypes is for adults who know the difference between making a joke and being offensive. If someone calls my kid “ching Chang chong” I’ll be the first to give him the link to Dave Chapelle to share with his racist friends. Because that shit is funny!

With regards to the original post:

I am getting out of the Army in a couple months and have developed the same type of relationships as you. As an officer, I have to curb it somewhat at work, but when I’m not in front of Soldiers, my best friend (who is black), gets to hear shit like this all the time. We always joke about how I’m in the KKK (being from TN myself) and him being a lazy SOB. Funny thing is, we don’t have a legitimate racist bone in our bodies. He married a white girl. I married a Taiwanese girl. Even my brother married a black girl…i digress.

My point is that racism is so superficial and so enticing to ignorant, uneducated monkeys (I say monkeys as a term to describe those bigots who can’t rationalize equality for all). Being in the military opens you up to so much. And yes, my black friend (I even laugh by saying that lol) were I Afghanistan together…racism is when immaturity meets a superiority complex with a sense of ignorant fear to top it off.