More empirical evidence that very racist White men deliberately target Asian women as a way to reaffirm “white power,” when white women betray them due to feminism and liberalism. Many white men that repel White women with strange, unattractive, anti-social behaviors, oftentimes prey on Asian women (who are unaware of these quirks because of the cultural gap), and specifically Asian women, due to the notoriety of Asian women being “obsessed with White men,” when in fact they merely pursue status and the concept of love is largely absent from Asian cultures.

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Riley Hamilton, a former coworker at Athlon Sports, is someone who had a problem with me as soon as he met me. Unlike the other guys, Riley refused to shake my hand and interrogated me as soon as he saw me. He immediately sat down, and told the other coworker “I don’t like him.” And from that moment on, came an intense campaign of racial intimidation, constant trolling, and pure hatred.

Riley made it clear through his comments and actions, that he had an intense hatred of non whites. But not all non whites. Although Riley would make fun of my foreign accent, which I don’t have, he married a Vietnamese woman with an accent. You see, Riley would often bring up a book you racists constantly use called the Bell Curve. Everything he would say was a constant reminder that I would never be his equal because I was not white. But he had no problem with asians because according to this debunked book, asians are supposed to have higher IQ’s than whites. It didn’t matter that the book didn’t take socioeconomic facts into account.

It didn’t matter that Riley was in fact an idiot, who had an intense ignorance when it came to basic science and how his own country’s political system works. It also didn’t matter that I was hired something he admitted he wasn’t smart enough to do. In his dead hate filled eyes, I would always be inferior simply because I wasn’t white.


Note that “The Bell Curve” (a pseudo-racist book about the differences in races) was also written by a White man with an Asian wife.