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Relationship with my wife

She is an Asian expat who doesn’t really feel any identity or connection with her homeland. We have a pretty great marriage, with love, trust, etc. We married and started a family rather young.


I don’t fit the “loser” meme – I’m upper-middle class, high-IQ, family-oriented, /fit/, probably an 8.5/10 (but depends on the lady’s prefs ofc).

Why Asian women?

In HS and uni, I dated women of practically every background, but mostly White. I always felt that Asian women were more intelligent on average, which I learned much later is correct. Also, I like women with a thin waist and lithe neck, and even Asian expats who were “overweight” back home are skinny here

In addition, as should be obvious to anyone here who has read the FAQ, the differences between Whites and Asians always made those relationships more lucid and satisfying for both myself and the lady.

Attraction to Asians examined through a social lens

  1. White women are, by and large, not family-oriented. There are many clear-cut reasons for this, with far-reaching effects, but bullet points should be short, and many others (here and elsewhere) have written about it at length anyway.
  2. Racial leverage. White genes are like gold to non-Whites. If you have this leverage, many of the other problems caused by our degenerate society can be offset in the relationship.
  3. The social virtue reflected on miscegenation. I think this is more of a White female racetraitor thing and isn’t very true in my case, but it likely encouraged me subconsciously. I’ll occasionally see a Jewish or Black woman looking at my family with creepy pride.
  4. Pathological attraction. This is the case for LGBBQ+ as well. If you spend a few years only fucking a certain kind of person (in my case, for the reasons listed above), it becomes a habit. Even though I’ve dated many White women, after a while fucking Asians, my attraction to White women curiously disappeared, even though it was once strong.

Why White Nationalism? Why are you racist?

Short answer: Not really that racist (i.e. hate-filled). I just didn’t know about the reality of White Genocide/Fade-out. Like most people, I assumed demographics had remained the same since the 1970s, and representation was all that was changing.

After that, I learned about Race Realism, which is something that most people understand by instinct, but are not exposed to the “racist” facts sourced from the research of virtually every government and major scientific institution.

Finally, White Nationalists are generally just really, really good people. Many are fiercely intelligent, highly capable, and traditionally-minded. I belong with them as much as many Hapas feel like they belong here.

Regarding my children

My wife and I are both very light-skinned, and so are my children. Although they have small eyes, they do not pass at Asian. This doesn’t bother me, I just hope they aren’t short. Otherwise, research places Asians and Whites roughly in peerage where it counts (intelligence, aversion to violence and addiction, etc).

I raise them in the tradition of Christ and other White values. I have taught my oldest son about molecular biology and IQ research as it pertains to race; it is normal for us. My family understands why White nations should remain >90% White, because the society that Whites conceived and erected will be lost or damaged irretrievably.

I encourage my oldest to pursue a relationship with a White woman. He is very social and athletic, so I think that will work out. If any of my children stray from that path, I may send them abroad to bleach Asia a bit.

My in-laws

I am not an unabashed White supremacist. My Asian in-laws are. It’s fucking hilarious to me, but naturally I see why it would piss off some people here.

Regarding r/hapas

Honestly, Hapas and WNs are in a pretty similar situation. We were robbed of a proper racial identity by the fucking Baby Boomers, and now we’re trying to figure all of this shit out on our own. My parents sucked, and it seems like your parents sucked too. If they had not been nihilists (and perhaps, had access to genetic science), we would all be happier.

I’m not necessarily a “Hapa Futurist” like some WNs, but I know that Hapas will serve an important role in the ethnostates that are in our future. I wish everyone here the very best.