Many white supremacist men pursue Asian women as a ways to “get back” at White, western women, and marry Asian women with the hopes of having white passing children. The mothers, themselves, also praise the child’s light features and European appearance.

Whereby many half Asian young men, being both confused about their identity, as well as being ashamed of being Asian – as is normal in Western societies where emasculation of Asian men is normal, as well as being raised by white fathers who want their son to be white, in order to face down “degenerate society” – these same young men embrace right wing, extremist politics.

This is why there is a prevalence of right-leaning half-Asians who identify as White, and due to insecurity, are the most adamant at maintaining white supremacy, despite being half-Asian.

Richard Spencer, the notorious white nationalist, once commented on the number of half-Asians attending his White Nationalist conferences, as seen below.

This is all due to the phenomenon of White racist men and Asian women.