M13 mocking his son, with a video called “teaching my son to be Asian.”

M13 calling his Asian son gay. 

M13 forcing his Asian son to wear a dress in public.


White males heavily rely on Asian women as a way to make themselves feel important and validated, after being rejected from Western society, in particular by White western women – who they degrade as feminists, fat, or “mudsharks.”

“Sexpats,” or expats who travel to Asia to capitalize on inequality and Asians’ infatuation with status within their own society, seek to form relationships with Asian women after being rejected by White women, yet remain bitter and angry that they were in fact rejected by White women, and passive-aggressively take out their anger on Asian people, including their own wives and strangers, due to mounting frustration at the realization their their “women” only use them for status, being left within sexless, unfulfilling relationships, and oftentimes with children who look nothing like their white fathers. Moreover, being forced to live around Asians, around which many White men feel alienated and lose privilege amongst, many become visibly hostile towards Asians, in particular Asian men, who they view as the non-sexual embodiment of their female counterparts.

M13 is a typical racist Youtuber who lives in Asia with an Asian ex-wife (common, as these relationships usually involve a controlling, status-obsessed Tiger Mother, and a White male who secretly hopes for a White woman to provide him with an “upgrade), and has filmed himself attacking locals verbally on his motorcycle, as well as mocking his own son’s Asianness.