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Some of the comment, especially by a man named “WHITER THAN THOU,” whose name itself is horrifying in that it divinates whiteness, yet he boasts of how White women are inferior.

The scariest part is that there is so much arguing within White Nationalist circles about the value of Asian women, rather than these men giving up their racism alltogether.

Racist white men do indeed value Asian women, largely because Asian women value whiteness and status and integration to the “American Dream,” but moreso because Asian women are viewed as “more chaste, less slutty, thinner, less feminist,” and probably most importantly, resentful of blacks, Latinos and darker people of color. Simply because White men pursue sex and relationships with “traditional” Asian women who value whiteness and status and hope for white children in order to escape Asianness, does not mean that these men are not racist; quite the opposite.

The future of white supremacy will indeed be decided by Half Asians; Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw were only the razor sharp edge of a much larger phenomenon.