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More inner workings of the mind of a White Nationalist – who either has to choose between working to preserve the white race with White women who want nothing to do with his inane racism and backwards values – or giving up and dating and marrying an Asian woman with the identical goals as himself in life; to be and live as white as possible, and to create white passing children that will be just as good as the real thing, and helping her ease her way into acceptance into a white country.
 The staggering hypocrisy of the white racists (either covert or overt) who wish to preserve the European race, and their penchant for seeking out subservient, dainty, petite, pretty Asian woman – who will not sleep with black men – knows no bounds. The reality is that white supremacy is driven by sexual angst about white women, and many White nationalists see Asian women as a convenient way for them to “further” their agendas, without dealing with the stress of “feminist, traitorous” white women – who they largely blame for the death of the white race.


Many half-Asian children, many who look Asian – some who do not – wind up very confused, such as Elliot Rodger or Daniel Holtzclaw, since they are raised in white supremacist societies – their mothers wanting them to embrace white privilege – and their fathers willfully contributing to white supremacy, with the full intent of the children to be to upwardly assimilate, a nearly impossible task.
Since Asianness is a universal negative, in either case, according to their mothers, many half-Asians internalize their own inferiority, and try desperately to be white – often to dangerous results.