More from the man who was known as Based Stickman – a now hero of the White Nationalist Alt-Right, who also has an Asian wife and son.


Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman Charged with Possession of Leaded Stick by Alameda District Attorney

By Darwin BondGraham

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  • Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

The Alameda County District Attorney filed a felony charge against Kyle Chapman yesterday for possession of a leaded stick. The charges stem from a melee between Trump supporters and anti-fascists in Berkeley on March 4. Chapman was seen carrying a long baton into several fights and was filmed cracking the weapon over the heads of a masked antifa and other counter-demonstrators.

Berkeley police arrested Chapman on March 4 for suspicion of felony assault. He was also arrested in Berkeley on April 10 after another fight.

If convicted, Chapman would be ineligible for probation and would have to serve time in state prison, as opposed to a jail sentence, due to his prior convictions.