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It is surprisingly common for white-nationalists and white racists who resent western society for its degeneration to seek out Asian women to fill the role of white women – who these white men feel have “abandoned” their roles as “tradwives.”

Hating Asians while being married to an Asian woman does not violate their belief systems where they place white maleness on top, and Asian women being used as a layover or a stepping stone in the event that white women fail to serve the white man (regardless of what he looks like).

White racists, oftetimes anti-social, unlovable, and hostile people, tend to take advantage of the incredible social and lingusitic gap between Whites and Asians to find themselves a partner, while hiding his racist views from her (or oftentimes encouraging them).

Of course, these white women have not abandoned their roles, but were merely not attracted to balding, ugly white men with backwards racist attitudes and entitlement complexes – yet some Asian women are, or, rather, are attracted to the idea of status and integration into a superior economic power house (which arguably does not exist), and the feeling of being more “beautiful” than white women – who they deeply also resent for having more social power than them. Asia is by and large a status-based and highly competitive environment that encourages women to marry (without love) into powered classes – and white men, no matter how ugly – fit the bill.

White men more often than not justify – not always, but frequently – their marriages as being the fault of white women, and seek out Asian women who they view as being anti-feminist, submissive, chaste, white skinned, “honorary Aryans” (but only the women), and family oriented –

to the point that the New York Times wrote an article about it after /r/Hapas started getting 2 million views a month, with hundreds of Eurasians coming out and saying that their fathers were racists.

Many half-Asians are born to racist white dads and Asian mothers; it could be guessed that the majority are, and the repurcussions of this dynamic shall be seen in the coming years, given that the bulk of half-Asians look more Asian than white, and oftentimes face racism from the same men and women that rely on each other to further racist white-male-centric dynamics: Asian women and white men – who actually go on to father half-Asian children.

Moreoften, these marriages end in disaster and a tense relationship between husband and wife due to communication problems, sexlessness and the very cold and calculating nature of a woman who can marry for social rather than genuine reasons; the isolation of the father can push him into become more and more extreme, or even violent, as he seeks to project his lack of power onto the real world (hence many visible white nationalists having half-Asian children at home, such as Kyle Chapman).